Bajaj Finance offers easy & unsecured Personal Loans Online.

Bajaj Finance (Now Bajaj Finserv Lending) is one of the leading financial companies in India. It offers personal loans that are convenient, flexible, quickly processed, have superior features like zero prepayment charges & requires no security with minimum paper work.

Bajaj Finserv offers personal loans for home renovation, marriage in family, holiday, and medical expenses without providing security or guarantors. Loans amount are available ranging between Rs.2 lacs to Rs.20 lacs. This can be repaid with flexible repayment options between 12 & 48 months and you don’t need to pay any initial down payment.

Personal Loans from Bajaj Finance are hassle free & easily available. Benefits include getting refund of 50% of the processing fee charged if you clear your entire monthly installments on time. Besides, it provides door step service.

So if you are looking for personal loans, we are here to add and share your joys & happiness. You can avail a loan by applying online by visiting personal loan and get fast approval.

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Bajaj Finance offers unsecured business loans and helps you strengthen your Business.

Bajaj Finance, now Bajaj Finserv Lending has initiated to serve businessmen and professionals in a better way.

In this creative and innovative world, young businessmen have plenty of ideas which are very crucial and beneficial for economic growth. These entrepreneurs face financial hurdles to turn their ideas and innovations into a Business reality.

Bajaj Finserv helps these young professionals and Businessmen in making their aspirations come true. Professionals like Medical practitioners, Charted Accountants and other Businessmen can avail of small business loans easily with least documentation and fast approval. Business Loan amount varies between Rs 3 lacs to 30 lacs. The loan could be taken for business expansion or any other immediate business requirement.

Loan Amount can be repaid with flexible repayment options between 12 to 36 months. Benefits like door step service and customized life insurance will be provided. Besides this, if you pay all EMIs on time, refund of 50% of the processing fee charged to you at the beginning will be returned back.

Business loans from Bajaj Finance helps your company by providing financial support, required to grow and expand your business to the level you want to.

Avail of this privilege at Bajaj Business Loans and get fast approval.

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LED, LCD & Plasma TV Loans from Bajaj Finserv Lending available Online

Color TV’s are history now! With High Definition technology ruling the market the disposable income and desire of the average consumer has increased considerably. A good plasma flat screen television is one product that every individual would want to own today. The Indian LCD / LED / Plasma TV market has grown by around 80% over last year. Samsung LCD, Sony LCD and LG LCD are the major contributors to the LCD growth story, with Samsung being the trail blazer with an early entry in the LED segment. Both the LED and Plasma TVs have been launched with breakthrough technology.

With a spat of sporting & entertainment events lined up around the corner, manufactures are offering discounts and promotional offers to the consumer. It is highly recommended that these high end LCD/LED/Plasmas are availed on 0% Interest finance offers from Bajaj Finserv Lending. Even if you have the budget to buy the most expensive technology it only makes sense to pay it in installments. Bajaj Finserv Lending offers loan for LED, LCD & plasma TV amongst others consumer durables. To read more about our consumer durable products click here.

These loans are hassle free requiring minimum documentation and take only 3-5 minutes for processing. So if you are eyeing on bringing that latest technology home; do make it a point to check for the finance option. Now you can even apply online for these loans by visiting and get instant approval. The other way is to directly walk into a consumer durable dealership near you and ask for 0% finance by Bajaj Finserv Lending. The proposition is truly of providing the customer with Infinite Happiness, Zero Compromise.

LED TV Loans

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Bajaj Auto Finance announces its new brand identity as Bajaj Finserv Lending.

Bajaj Auto Finance has renamed its brand identity as Bajaj Finserv Lending. Bajaj Finserv is the financial services company of the Bajaj Group. Its current business lines include Protection through Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance and Lending through Bajaj Auto Finance. All underlying businesses currently operate with their independent brands. With the intention to build a set of financial services businesses in coming years that share the Bajaj Finserv Group’s common values of Reliability, Innovation and Efficiency and provide customers with high quality products and services, Bajaj Finserv has undertaken a review of its brand identity. The new identity is easily identifiable and yet distinct. All the businesses under Bajaj Finserv would use the common identity in a coherent manner such that consumers experience through each business, the common Bajaj Finserv values and identify the new brand identity with the same.

Bajaj Finserv now has a new visual identity which completely embodies its growth and services. It uses the current Bajaj logotype to identify and stand on the very established and respected Bajaj identity .In addition it has a 3 dimensional seal with the B and f to make the new identity uniquely recognizable. The color blue in the logo indicates confidence & strength. The round ball symbolizes the world with focus on India.Going forward, Bajaj Finserv has developed a full-fledged branding programme for all its group companies. Customers of any of the group companies will identify & associate themselves with Bajaj Finserv. This creates a single monolithic financial brand in India which will touch the lives of many Indians in years to come. The new identity will be rolled out by each Bajaj Finserv company shortly.

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Consumer Durable Loans from Bajaj Auto Finance appeals to the average consumer

Bajaj Finserv Lending (earlier Bajaj Finance) one of the leading financiers in the Indian market offers Consumer Durable Loans at 0% financing.  These loans range from 7000 to 100,000 & can be repaid in easy monthly installments.  Now you do not have to save every penny possible to purchase your dream product like AC, LED/LCD Color TV’s or laptops, with Bajaj Finserv Lending, you can apply online on and get an instant loan approval. Bajaj Finserv Lending consumer durable loans range from 7,500 to 100,000 INR. They are repaid in easy monthly installments & are secured against a small charge.  Bajaj Finserv Lending also offer customers options to insure their products. Consumer Durable Loans from Bajaj Finance are hassle free & easily available. You can avail a loan by applying online or by visiting a dealer ship.

Consumer Durable Loans

Bajaj Finserv Lending earlier Bajaj Finance was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 25th March, 1987. Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd is engaged primarily in the business of financing of two wheelers, consumer durables, personal loans, small business loans, mortgages, construction equipment, and loan against securities.

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